High-Quality Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves

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Length 8-36 inches
Hair materials High quality raw Vietnamese human hair
Style Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves
Color Customized colors
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Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves from Vin Hair factory are crafted with the natural texture, blending seamlessly with your hair for a realistic appearance.

Look no further than Vin Hair Factory the best Vietnamese hair factory for the finest selection of Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves. Our reputation as a top-tier provider of high-quality hair products is well-earned, and our Deep Wavy Weaves are no exception.

Introduction to Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves

Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves refer to a type of hair extension made from high-quality human hair with a deep wavy texture. This hair texture is characterized by loose waves that have a more defined and prominent pattern compared to natural wavy hair. The waves in Deep Wavy Weaves are often more structured and have a tighter curl than loose waves.

Length 8-36 inches
Quality grade Single, double, and super double drawn
Product name Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves
Hair material 100% Raw Vietnamese human hair, no synthetic
Hair color Customized colors
Hair weight 100g per bundle
Life span  1-5 years
Ability to be dyed/curled Yes
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) 3 bundles

 Characteristics of Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves

Deep Wavy Weaves from Vin Hair Factory possess several distinct characteristics that set them apart as high-quality and desirable hair extensions. Here are the key features of Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves from Vin Hair:

  • Texture and pattern: The Deep Wavy Weaves from Vin Hair Factory feature a beautifully defined and structured deep wavy pattern. The waves are more pronounced and tighter than loose waves, giving the hair a luxurious and voluminous look.
  • Natural appearance: These hair weaves are carefully crafted to mimic the natural texture of hair, blending seamlessly with your hair for a realistic and cohesive appearance.
  • Premium quality: Vin Hair Factory sources its hair from Vietnamese donors known for their healthy hair practices. This ensures that the Deep Wavy Hair Weaves are made from 100% human hair with intact cuticles, resulting in smooth, shiny, and tangle-free hair.
  • Durability and longevity: The high-quality construction and intact cuticles of the hair contribute to its durability and longevity. With proper care, these weaves can maintain their beauty and texture for an extended period.
  • Variety of lengths and colors: Vin Hair Factory offers this type of hair weave in a range of lengths and natural hair colors, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your desired look.

By choosing Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves from Vin Hair Factory, you’re investing in hair extensions that offer not only a stunning appearance but also the assurance of quality, durability, and expert craftsmanship.

The wholesale price of Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves

Prices can vary based on factors such as the length of the hair, the quality, the quantity you’re purchasing, and any special promotions or discounts being offered.


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How to take care of Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves

Caring for your Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves from Vin Hair Factory is essential to maintain their quality and longevity. Here are some care tips to help you keep your hair extensions looking their best:

  • Gentle washing: Use a sulfate-free and mild shampoo for washing. Avoid harsh rubbing or twisting to prevent tangling and damage.
  • Detangling: Before washing, gently detangle the hair using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Start from the end and work upward to prevent breakage.
  • Conditioning: After shampooing, apply a nourishing conditioner to the lengths and ends of the hair. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots, as this can make the hair oily.
  • Drying: Gently pat the hair with a soft towel to remove excess water. Refrain from rubbing or wringing the hair to prevent frizz. Whenever possible, allow the hair to air dry to minimize heat damage.
  • Heat styling: If you plan to use heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray before styling. Use these tools in a low heat setting to avoid excessive heat damage.
  • Hair-friendly Products: Opt for products designed for wavy or curly hair extensions. Avoid products containing alcohol, as they can dry out and damage the hair.
  • Storage: When not in use, store your Deep Wavy Weaves in a cool, dry place, preferably in a satin or silk bag. This will help preserve the texture and prevent tangling.

By following these straightforward care guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and natural beauty of your Deep Wavy Hair Weaves.

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How to buy Vietnamese Deep Wavy Hair Weaves from Vin Hair

Vin Hair Factory stands as the premier destination for those seeking top-quality Deep Wavy Hair Weaves. Renowned for our commitment to excellence, we offer a wide range of Deep Wavy Weaves that exude natural beauty and unmatched quality.

Contact Vin Hair Factory if you want to buy hair:

Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural look or experiment with a new hairstyle, our Vietnamese Deep Wavy Weaves offer limitless possibilities. At Vin Hair Factory, we not only provide exceptional hair products but also share valuable care tips to ensure your investment remains in pristine condition.

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