100% Raw Human Hair Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

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Length 8-36 inches
Hair materials High-quality raw Vietnamese human hair
Style Curly
Color Trendy colors & customization
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Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions from Vin Hair is made from real human hair, designed to easily attach to your natural hair using built-in clips.

If you’re on the lookout for an effortless way to change up your look and express your unique style through captivating curls, the 100% Remy Human Hair Curly Clip is the perfect solution. Crafted from 100% pure human hair and boasting natural, alluring curls, these time-saving sets not only grant you a fresh allure but also elevate your confidence and charm.

Famous for exceptional quality and customer service. Vin Hair is a prestigious destination for you to own this quality product. Vin Hair Factory is the biggest hair factory in Vietnam and takes pride in sourcing 100% genuine human hair, ensuring that each strand maintains its natural texture, shine, and durability.

Introduction to Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions are hair pieces made from real human hair, designed to easily attach to your natural hair using built-in clips. The term “curly” pertains to the distinctive curl pattern of the hair extensions. These curls can vary in size and shape, ranging from loose curls to tight spirals, allowing individuals to choose the desired level of curliness that best matches their natural hair or desired style.

Length 8-36 inches
Quality grade Single, double, and super double drawn
Product name 100% Raw Human Hair Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions
Hair materials 100% Raw Vietnamese human hair, no synthetic
Hair Color Hot trend colors and customized colors
Hair weight 100g per bundle
Life span 1-5 years
Ability to be dyed/curled Yes
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) 3 bundles

Why should choose Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions possesses many outstanding advantages, making them the leading products in the hair market, let’s take a closer look at the reason why should choose this hair extension

  • Premium quality: Hair extensions are made from meticulously chosen Vietnamese human hair, these extensions are soft, shiny, and well-crafted, blending seamlessly with your hair.
  • Natural curls: These extensions boast authentic, natural curls that mimic real hair. This means you won’t have to spend time curling your extensions or worrying about them losing their shape over time. The curls remain consistent and beautiful, enhancing your overall appearance effortlessly.
  • Easy application: Curly Clip Extensions are simple to attach and remove, allowing you to change your look whenever you desire without any commitment.
  • Versatility: Curly clip-ins offer versatility in styling. You can blend them seamlessly with your natural hair and create various hairstyles, from loose curls to voluminous curls.
  • No damage: Unlike permanent extensions that require adhesive or heat application, clip-ins don’t cause any damage to your natural hair when properly applied and removed.
  • Low maintenance: Caring for Clip In Extensions is straightforward. You can wash, condition, and style them separately, ensuring they maintain their texture and beauty.
  • Cost-effective: 100% Remy Human Hair Curly Clip are more affordable than semi-permanent options, providing you with an accessible way to enjoy a curly hair look.
  • Longevity: Hair extensions from Vin Hair Factory are crafted using high-quality human hair. With proper care, these extensions maintain their texture, bounce, and appearance over time, giving you enduring beauty and style.

Ultimately, selecting curly clip-in extensions lets you enjoy the beauty of curls without compromising on quality, texture, or your hair’s health.

Wholesale price of Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Besides outstanding quality, Vin Hair Factory also offers products at affordable prices, especially wholesale prices. With dedicated customer service, don’t hesitate to contact us to receive the most detailed information and the latest promotions.

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Take care of Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Looking after hair extensions involves giving them proper care to maintain their appearance and prolong their life. Here’s a simple guide on how to care for your Curly Clip In Extensions:

  • Gentle washing: Opt for a mild shampoo and conditioner without sulfates. Gently cleanse the extensions, avoiding harsh tangling or rubbing.
  • Detangling: Before and after washing Hair Extensions, gently detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, starting from the tips and working upward.
  • Drying: Pat the extensions with a soft towel to remove excess water. Let them air dry on a flat surface or hanger. Avoid heat styling tools while the hair is wet.
  • Heat styling: If needed, use a heat protectant before styling with low to medium heat settings. Avoid excessive heat to prevent curl damage.
  • Chlorine and saltwater: Minimize exposure to chlorinated pools or salt water, as they can harm the extensions. If swimming, wear a swim cap and rinse the hair thoroughly afterward.
  • Storage: Store the Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions in a dry place when not in use, ideally in the packaging they came in.

Always keep in mind that taking good care of your Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions is essential to ensure they stay beautiful and last longer. By following these instructions, you can enjoy your extensions while keeping them in excellent condition.

Where to buy Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

If you are looking for Vietnamese special curly hair clip-ins, Vin Hair is a reliable choice. With our commitment to premium quality and diverse selection, you can rely on Vin Hair to provide you with premium quality curly wigs at a fair price that is worthy to enhance your beauty.

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As a trailblazer in the field, Vin Hair Factory doesn’t just provide high-quality extensions, we offer a complete experience of luxury, convenience, and confidence. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and explore the world of stunning Curly Clip In Extensions that will transform your hairstyle and amplify your confidence.

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